Delta Foundation is a non profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt community development corporation. Through representation of 14 civil rights and community organizations working in Mississippi, Delta Foundation was chartered.

Its basic purpose was to create businesses and jobs for its primary constituents, minority and economically disadvantaged residents of its target areas.  The principle vehicle for the attack on poverty is the creation of for profit enterprises that increase control and ownership of resources by the poor.

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Year Founded

Past & Present Programs

Community Services

Our Beginning.

The genesis and vision for the organization of the Delta Foundation began in the late 1960’s when in dozens of forgotten towns with unforgettable names, such as Sledge, Alligator, Beulah, Nitta Yuma, Darling, Bobo and Midnight, the depression seemed that it never really ended.

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List of Services.

Delta Foundation has developed a number of past and present serivces that helped and continue to help the local Mississippi Delta communities.

We will continue to produce programming and community outreach services that allow our impoverished and undeserved areas have access to educational and economic resources.

More About Our Services
E-Delta is licensed by the State of Mississippi Commission on Proprietary Schools and College Registration, License No C636.

The institute serves as a catalyst of Delta Foundation in the continuing effort to provide quality assistance to Mississippi Delta communities.  It provides innovative approaches to training and education to prepare residents for direct entry into today’s ever changing job market.  It is the philosophy of E-Delta to provide quality education that includes both academic and social skills training.  It also serves as a bridge for non-traditional students who desire to cross-over into the main stream workforce using traditional and non-traditional methods.

Delta Foundation makes loans to individuals and businesses that will provide increased income, employment and ownership opportunities, primarily in the Mississippi Delta Region and surrounding areas.
WDSV Delta Sounds and Voices was established in March 2011 as the first non-commercial radio station in Greenville, MS.  The mission of WDSV is to provide a free flow of information and entertainment generated by local citizen participation to affect positive change through community radio.

WDSV is locally based and financially supported through Delta Foundation.  Our programs  originates in Greenville and invigorates the community through news, education and community announcements, public discourse between our citizens and politicians, programs involving our youth, and programs featuring our own unique cultural, history and  music. We report weather and emergency alerts for local safety and security.

Counties Served.

MS Delta Counties:
Bolivar, Carroll, Coahoma, DeSota, Holmes, Humprhreys, Issaquena, Leflore, Panola, Quitman, Sharkey, Sunflower, Tallahatchie, Tate, Tunica, Warren, Washington and

State of Mississippi

Delta Area Region to include Louisiana and Arkansas.