21st Century.

In partnership with the Westernline School District, Delta Foundation will provide the 21st Century (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and Math) after school and summer academic and enrichment program, encompassing; entrepreneurial: cultural; financial; empowerment activities and skills to students in the Westernline School District.

21st Century program is about making learning fun. Every activity is hands on all the students get a chance to participate. We have fun, empowering activities such as: Martial Arts, which will teach the children discipline, respect, memorization skills, goal setting, and give 100% effort. Robotics, which will show the importance of planning, time management, team build, physics, and how to accept failure and turn it into success. Wood shop/Construction, which the show the importance of math and geometry. These are just a few of our many exciting activities.

Contact info:
Program Coordinator | Mashondia Wells
Phone |  (662) 335-5291