Community Development
The Division of Community Development provides quality initiatives and services for community empowerment. We are committed to building and expanding on partnerships that generate innovative and practical programs for youth, their families and communities.

Small Business Lending
Delta Foundation makes loans to businesses that will provide increased income, employment and ownership opportunities, primarily in the Mississippi Delta Region and surrounding areas.

91.9 WDSV Community Radio
WDSV Delta Sounds and Voices was established in March 2011 as the first non-commercial radio station in Greenville, MS. The mission of WDSV is to provide a free flow of information and entertainment generated by local citizen participation to affect positive change through community radio. WDSV is locally based and financially supported through Delta Foundation.

Our programs originates in Greenville and invigorates the community through news, education and community announcements, public discourse between our citizens and politicians, programs involving our youth, and programs featuring our own unique cultural, history and music. We report weather and emergency alerts for local safety and security. DF’s staff assists our consultant in managing the daily activities of the station. A volunteer community-based steering committee, known as the Station Advisory Board, oversees this enterprise and offers volunteer services.

WDSV has become “The Voice” for Greenville. We continue to welcome new volunteers to sustain the growth of WDSV and with the community’s support we will continue to provide education, empowerment, entertainment and information!